About Me

Jasmine. Jaz for Short. Less syllables. More efficient.

I dream of a world free of spelling errors, an endless supply of paper and where I can always find a pen. As a Graphic Designer and Lettering Artist with 8 years of experience, I have a wealth of knowledge in a range of areas. I love design. I obsess over typography and layout. I enjoy a good teal, mustard or lime. I get angry at angles. I yell profanities at useless design. I read my local junk mail searching for errors. I am, always have been and always will be a workaholic, but only because I love it so much.

When I’m not writing words until they look weird or designing branding and logos for my small business clients, you can find me shopping online for the most obscure pens or rearranging her instagram so its way too organised. I have worked in signage houses, print houses and marketing firms. I have not only the ability but the determination to see projects from start to finish. Follow me on Instagram for lettering challenges and daily typography musings, or contact me for all your design needs!