What if you could write a wishlist for your special day… and someone else did it for you?

Hi! I’m Jasmine of Jasmine Designs, but call me Jaz. I am here to make your wedding day easier by taking your ideas and magically bringing them to life, without costing the earth or losing your sanity.

My reason for getting into the bridal game is simple, I saw too many of my friends planning and preparing their day and having a long list of different suppliers they had to deal with. The conversations got confusing, their theming got muddy and they got the stresses that they just didn’t need.

That’s where the Back Up Bridesmaid came in, ready to sort them out and save the day.

Rather than having a designer and a printer and a signwriter and a planner, they got me to do the lot. This meant they had one point of contact, one source of information and one person in charge of making their theme consistent. It also meant one invoice to pay at the end.

And thats what I want to do for you, look after you and your day, from Save the Date to Thank you card and every moment in between.

It’s all about you.

For me, the greatest joy I can get out of working with you is to make you feel special. This day is all about you and your love after all! When you work with me, I am here for you. Sure, I have ideas, and if I think something will work better for you than something you have asked for, I’ll speak up and let you know, as the opinion comes from experience. But ultimately, any decision you want for your day comes down to you.

The way I create the experience for you and your guests is diving deep into what makes you as a couple unique, whether it be a memory or a saying you say to each other, as well as elements from the day, and interweaving them throughout. It could be as simple as the flower in your bouquet being featured in the invitation, or the colour of your bridesmaid dresses in the table settings. Its the little touches that make the magic.

From Save the Date to Thank You note…

My aim is simple; to aleviate stress from you and to give your guests an experience of being at your wedding. I want to make this event truly yours, highlighting the elements that make you the beautiful couple who is up there, saying “I do” and proclaiming your love for one another.

By working with me for all the elements of the day, you’re going to rid yourself of the confusion of going to a million different suppliers, because I handle all of that. You’re also going to be sure that the theme is consistent throughout, I will maintain the consistency and make sure nothing gets by me. And finally, you’ll have someone on side to know when things go wrong, I’ll be there to fix it. Hey, if I can fix 6 additional rsvp’s 3 days before the wedding, I can handle anything! (Actual true story, had to redo place settings, get place cards, organise rooms…)

Bridal and Budgeting, two words that need to work together…

I get it, this is a special day, it comes with special planning. BUT its only one day, theres no need to go all cashed-up-crazy! The most important part is creating something that suits you and your loved ones personality and style. I have worked over a decade in the creative industry, spent time and energy working out who to work with and who not to in order to find the best solutions for whatever it is you dream of.

When it comes to planing your day, the next few pages explain some figures you should be working to if you are working with me. These are purely a guide and are based on previous weddings and events.


Invitations are the piece that sets the tone and feel of your day from the moment your guest opens it. This is a great chance to really tell the story of you and your beloved to your guests and show off a little.

Design fee for this can range from $300 to $900 depending on the complexity of your design. The average for this is $500 for most suites. Suites can consist of just the invitation itself, the addition of rsvp cards, other information like travel or present registry, as well as the envelopes and postage. As a guide, budget a $10 cost per invitation including production as a base and additional items will increase this by a few dollars per addition. You can also opt for added extras like Foil Printing, Letterpress and even etched acrylic. These all have associated costs that come into play, but I will always include these in the quoting process.

For example, a suite of custom foil invitation, 3 information cards (Travel info, RSVP, Gift Registry), envelope pocket and pre-addressed envelopes will cost approx $18-$20 each invitation. Of course, there are cheaper options, but its good to get an idea of these costs early in the process.

TIP: Make sure you factor in postage into your plans! Don’t get caught out!

Placecards and Menus.

When it comes to the big day, the needs can vary from reception to reception based on whether the event is sit down or cocktail style.

If its cocktail style and everyone is roaming, you might opt for a sign that lists menu items or what drinks are included (see signage next).

If its sit down, that’s completely different. The last thing you want is that relative you were obligated to invite coming up to you and asking about the menu or where they sit. Place cards and menus at each setting are a must!

Menu’s, designed and printed for your special day, will cost you between $4-10 each, depending on what it is created with (Paper is cheaper, acrylic not so much). You can also opt to have only a few menu’s at each table so it encourages mingling amongst the table.

Placecards can be created in a range of ways, be it custom cut wood or acrylic, hand-lettered on cardstock or simply printed in the theme of the day. These can cost between $3-$7 a piece, but perhaps consider that this is a piece your guest will keep as a momento, you could even work it in to your wedding favors.

Signage and Seating Charts.

Whether it be a welcome sign to the wedding, a seating chart that shows everone where to sit or a focal piece for the backdrop of your wedding table (the couple pictured used their vows behind the Bridal table), signage is something to keep in mind when planning your day.

The most important thing for signage is that it fits with your theme and your location. Hand painted pallets may work for one wedding, but chalkboard signage works for others.

When it comes to the cost of this, costs can vary depending on whether you supply your own base, like chalkboards or aframe, or whether you prefer to hire. There is also the added cost of whether to have them hand painted for that added touch.

As a ballpark figure, a chalkboard produced as a welcome sign would cost you $200 for basic text, whereas a focal piece would be closer to $500, both with providing me with the base. A seating chart, which has a lot more complexity, may run at a $400-$600 price tag depending on how its made and created.

Additional Items.

There are plenty of other items that you can consider when it comes to your special day.

Custom Cake Toppers, laser cut out of acrylic or wood, using your font, cost approx $60-$100 depending on complexity and substrate.

I can help source and personalise Gifts for the Bridal Party, whether they be printed tshirts, custom necklaces or even the gifts you give them when you ask for them to be part of your special day.

All the way through to Thank You notes, created in the theme and thanking them for their gift and their presence at your special day.

The amount of what you get me to do is completely up to you. I can do as little as just design or as much as packing, posting and organising all the different elements to make your day go smoothly.

All you have to do is let me work my magic.

From our first meeting, Jaz was supportive, helpful and thoughtful in her approach. Jaz listened to what we wanted and guided our ideas to be something that was both beautiful and suitable to our theme and location. Throughout the wedding planning, Jaz made herself available to answer our questions and offer suggestions about specific elements of the wedding. At no point did we feel that our ideas were not being heard. Thanks to Jaz, our invitations, gift bags, place cards and other elements became beautiful works of art that matched our theme and location perfectly.
Tara, A Happy Bride
Jasmines work is absolutely phenomenal. I had no idea what I actually wanted all I knew was that I wanted leaves, marble and rose gold. When Jaz sent back the first designs I was at work and almost cried, I could not believe how quickly and beautifully she made my idea come to life. So thank you Jaz for our beautiful invitations and I’m so happy you get to be at our wedding to share our day with us.
Riannon, A Happy Bride-to-be

I have no higher praise for Jasmine! She welcomed my ideas and budget and was very thorough in explaining what we could do. Her constant enthusiasm through the process was catching, and I was thrilled to see the process and the final invitations. We’ve had so many compliments on how beautiful and practical the invites are. I highly recommend Jasmine for any type of wedding, and I look forward to working with her further.

Hannah, A Happy Bride-to-be

So… is that an I Do?

If you have any questions, concerns, requests or wishes, please do not hesitate to ask! I’m always available for a chat or a coffee.

Once you are ready to talk through your wedding day, click on the button below to answer a range of questions about your day and we can get started on creating some magic.

Before you do though, make sure you go through Pinterest and put together your dream wedding. Create a visual moodboard of what you want your day to look like. Theres a part in the questionaire that asks for this too!

Once complete, it will ask you to either book a phone consultation, which is a free 15 minute call, or an hour planning session, which is at a cost of $100, redeemable against your total bill of whatever we work together on. This is held at my studio in Kensington, this is where I keep all my samples too so we can have a play around your special day.