If this is what I can do with a digital mural,

imagine what I can do with a real one…

Thanks for reaching out! Read on to discover my process, find out how working with me works, view other murals I’ve created, and what’s involved. Let’s make some magic together!

Do you have a blank wall? An empty canvas?
Sounds like you need some mural magic…

Hi, I’m Jasmine, but Jaz for short. I’ve been a graphic designer, lettering artist, and muralist for over a decade and I LOVE what I do.

What do I do?

I am the Design Superwoman. I fly in, fix the problem and fly away until you need me again. I would love to create something magical for you, big or small, for your workplace or event!

The murals that I create have three core elements in mind:

Is it brand-centric?

e.g. is a consumer able to look at it and make the connection between the work and the brand?

Does it add value?
Is it adding to whatever it’s being applied to e.g. does it communicate with customers, does it create a social opportunity?

Does it make me proud?

I’m a perfectionist, so if I’m proud, you’re going to be.

The murals I paint create connections with the brands they represent. For me, my style depends on the brands I’m working on.

If your brand is blue and green and clean lines, that’s what we will create. If it’s street, we go more street. The design will reflect your brand and match your look and feel.

My priority is your brand and maintaining that brand awareness within the piece.

The Process

Working together should be magic, let’s discuss how we can make the magic happen

A Touch of Magic…

Billy Blue & Torrens Uni | Australian Open | Westfield | Bombay Sapphire | Madame Brussels | Clik Collective | Milkbar Digital | Juicy Fruits | 1565 Gelateria | Wild Fern Co.

I’m sure you have questions…

Let me answer them for you. I often get asked these questions when creating my mural magic for my clients.

How much will a mural cost me?

Isn’t that the first question we all ask? The murals I create rely on two factors that define their cost; size and complexity.

I have developed a guideline below that gives an example of this. Please note, this does not include materials, equipment hire if needed or any additional costs. This is purely a design and installation cost.


$200per sqm*
  • Simple Linework
  • Simple Illustration
  • Simple Typography
  • Single Colour
  • Quotes under 10 words long


$320per sqm*
  • Mid-Level Complexity
  • Flat Colour and Shape Based Design
  • Wider Range of Styles
  • 2-3 colour palette
  • Quotes up to 30 words long


$480per sqm*
  • Unlimited complexity
  • Unlimited Illustrations
  • Unlimited Typographic Styles
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Unlimited words
  • Simple Linework
  • Simple Illustration
  • Simple Typography
  • Single Colour
  • Quotes under 10 words long
  • Mid-Level Complexity
  • Flat Colour and Shape Based Design
  • Wider Range of Style
  • 2-3 Colour palette
  • Quotes up to 30 words long
  • High level Complexity Designs
  • Unlimited Illustration and Typographic Styles
  • Wide Colour Range
  • Unlimited words

* Prices are indicative only and the above table should only be used as a reference guide. Prices listed above are a starting point to help guide you and a more accurate quote will be provided based on your particular project. All prices are listed excluding gst.

How long will it take?

This is largely dependent on the size and complexity of the mural. In most cases, from time of agreeing to the proposal to install takes 3-4 weeks. This gives time to develop a concept, carry out the site visit and ensure its magic. In saying that, if you have an event that is coming up fast, let’s work together to find a solution. It’s called magic for a reason!

How many murals can we do?

As many as you let me! And the great thing is, the more we do, the more cost effective they are. For each additional mural that is equal or greater size to the initial mural, a further 5% will be taken off the overall bill.

Is there a size limit, both large and small?

All murals have a minimum of 6m2 and no maximum (I love a challenge). This is a collective sizing if you are having multiple murals.

Ready to make some Mural Magic of your own?

Finding the right designer to bring your vision to life is all about communication. Submit your mural enquiry below. Looking forward to chatting with you soon!