Project Description

The Australian Open is a tennis tournament held annually over the last fortnight of January in Melbourne, Australia. The event brings over 700,000 people over the two week event, a large majority entering through Birrang Marr. This is where the Fan Ready lower and upper terraces are ready to entertain the wide range of tennis go-ers with food, entertainment and much more. Australian Open and Tennis Australia approached me to design the Get Fan Ready space of shipping containers and create a space for people to enjoy, working in with the development of recognition of their new branding.

Having your work featured in Sydney Morning Herald and Broadsheet is pretty damn exciting, I wont lie. For something that I created on my laptop, to see it in its full, massive scale was incredible humbling and a super proud moment for me.


Experiential and Environmental Design


Graphic Design
Large Scale Print Understanding
Branding Interpretation


Completed 2017

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