By Samantha Melbourne

Textile Illustration and Pattern Licencing

Working with Samantha of By Samantha Melbourne, I created 3 collections of fabric prints for her to create stunning dresses from. Within these 3 collections, I learnt more about the printing process as well as how to design to her target market.

Working with Samantha was certainly an in-depth process. It wasn't about just making pretty patterns or fabrics that looked gorgeous, it was creating a moment for the woman wearing it to feel beautiful. This was truly felt when I helped dress a beautifully pregnant woman at the Handmade Canberra Markets. When we wrapped that gorgeous piece of fabric around her, she gasped. "I look beautiful, I feel beautiful". My job was done.

In addition to the fabric printing, I helped build her branding collateral, redeveloped her brand style, and even helped her set up her first pop-up shop. I also was lucky enough to model my own prints both here and internationally in Italy. Talk about a pinch-me moment!

Read more about the By Samantha journey in my blog.

"Creating unique fabric in a saturated market was something I always dreamed of. Having Jasmine and her creative brain on my side was amazing for the three collections we created together."

Samantha | By Samantha Melbourne

It's one thing to create a product for an audience, but another to create an experience opportunity for a potential client. Knowing what they like, what they might try, what they secretly crave and catering to these different tastes while staying true to the brand was the result we achieved and I could not be prouder to have my designs not only hanging in my closet, but also wrapped around so many beautiful women.

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