Clik Collective

Mural Creation and Project Management

Clik Collective at Moorabbin had just opened, the dust had just settled in their new space, and in came myself and my assistant to paint something amazing. 2 murals totalling over 80 square metres, complete with illustrations, inspirational quotes and, of course, on-brand.

For the first mural, we highlighted the journey of an entrepreneur, with the quote “When you feel like quitting, remember why you started” above it. The second mural looked at how an entrepreneurs work is never done, there are always emails to send, ads to run and work to be done around the clock. My favourite part of this mural was integrating the imagery with laser cut wooden elements to create an added layer of interest.

As always, I had my crew from Milkbar Digital film the process and create this awesome video.

"We love what has been created in the space, and look forward to having Jasmine bring the Clik Collective experience to our new location next year!"

Monika - Clik Collective

In the time that has now passed, Clik moved into another space, further expanding their reach. Keep an eye out for the case study for their new Vermont location!

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