Milkbar Digital

Mural Design and Painting

Things that make you go Mmmmmm...

This time it’s for the amazing film guys I work with, Milkbar Digital, to get their very own mural! Simple, fun, and super effective, their brand mark looks awesome blown up big. Fun fact: their Dulux pink colour is called Piglett!

If you've ever watched any of my mural instal videos, theres a high likelihood that these guys filmed it for me. They are absolute pro's and know how to capture a story and bring it to life through the edit and music.

I have so much love for these guys, they are an incredible team and a big part of my 2019. Love you guys and thanks for the constant amazing footage, the continuous support and for just being awesome!

"Thanks for making our chill out corner larger than life!"

Sam and Nick | Owners of Milkbar Digital

It's true what they say about working with quality people on fun projects like this. You don't want them to end! No doubt this won't be the last time we collaborate on something (spoiler alert, we did the week after)

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