Project Description

TL Dental – Tiny Teeth Campaign

The Tiny Teeth Campaign was a e-boook created to educate the parents of young children on the best ways to look after their childrens’ teeth. Created as a fun, visual learning tool, it was up to Jasmine Designs to devise a visually appealing and informative way to communicate it. With content provided by TL Dental and working with Think32 to create the concept and execution, the finished result was great product to lead in potential new clients and generate a strong database.

As digital marketing company that focuses on the creating of engaging, valuable and beautifully designed content we need a graphic designer who is both talented and sharp.  Jasmine has created beautiful content pieces for us, even in very challenging topic areas that are difficult to bring to life.  Jasmine is proactive and works with us to refine the vision and we value her input.  If you need content that gets noticed and is a ‘cut’ above the mediocrity now available online work with Jasmine, you won’t be disappointed.
Ariana, Think32


E-Book Creation
Page Layout
Publication Design


Graphic Design
Digital Asset Building
Super cute illustration development


Completed December 2017

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