Torrens Valley University x Billy Blue

Mural Creation and Project Management

Imagine a world where Discovery and Exploration wasn't the stuff of Legend

With the move of Billy Blue into their new premises at Torrens University on Flinders Street, the school reached out to get some murals done so they really felt like they belonged to the place and vice versa.

By taking the branding guidelines of Torrens University, incorporating the colour palette and fonts, as well as introducing playful illustrations and brushy textures, we created something that students can walk past every day as they enter their school and feel inspired to learn. This mural was created live on their open day.

This mural was created by myself and the awesome team of designers and lettering artists of the Melbourne Lettering Club. My role, along with another member, was to look after my team, to teach them and to help deliver a fantastic result for the client.

"Working in a team with Jasmine was an amazing experience. I felt like she had our back, would show us her tips and tricks and watching the mural magic queen in her element left me super impressed and inspired"

Stephanie | Participant in Mural Installation

In the years that have now passed, this mural has been painted over, but the memories of how we worked together as a team to achieve something pretty special is merely a few coats of paint beneath the surface. Some of these students have gone on to paint their own murals, some even teaching others, truly showing that we created a space where discovery and exploration wasn't the stuff of legend after all.

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