Project Description

Australian Medical Association – VicDoc

The Australian Medical Association of Victoria has a bimonthly publication, VicDoc, which is distributed to over 12,000 doctors around Victoria. AMA reached out to me to carry on and evolve their pre-existing design of their magazine and to create, layout and design their magazine for each issue of 2017, which has now extended on to 2018. This involves working with their editor to organise articles, imagery, advertising and anything else involved to turn around the publication in a few weeks each issue. With each issue comes a new tetris-like puzzle to fit all the articles, ads and extras in neatly and present in an engaging and informative way.

Jasmine is great to work with. She is very creative and efficient and is excellent at producing high quality work under tight deadlines. Jasmine picked up a design job for AMA Victoria at very short notice and was so good to work with, she has been our first choice ever since.
Barry, Editor of VicDoc


Page Layout
Publication Design


Graphic Design
Printing Co-ordination
A love of order amongst chaos


Started 2017
Bimonthly Ongoing

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