Project Description

Westfield Mural – Taste. Shop. Play. Event

When creating a mural, it’s important to understand why it’s being created and how the audience is supposed to interact with it. Party with Lenzo and Westfield Fountain Gate came to me with the desire for a mural that people could stand in front of for their event and experience a feeling of ArtVo (the participant becomes part of the mural when photographed).

As it was a single day install, all of the illustrations and letters were hand painted onto laser cut wood prior to the day and installed on top of the mural painted for the event. The result was a fun mural that attracted people young and old to participate in for their chance to win a voucher.

I even did a speedy timelapse of the entire install, watch it here.


Mural Design and Painting


The ability to prepare items and manage expectations
An appropriate t-shirt
The bravery to try new things


Completed March 2019

View Clik Collective Mural
View Milkbar Mural

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