Every freelancer has had those moments; the ones where you stare at the blank email screen, wondering what the heck you’re supposed to write.

You probably have an idea of what message you need to communicate, but doing it in the right way can be tricky.

Emails leave the infamous ‘paper trail’, which is both a blessing and a curse. It’s hard sometimes to communicate tone. You read and reread your email a million times before sending, yet the recipient still finds a way to be offended by it. It’s now there in writing and could very well end up being shared. Suddenly, you’ve got less clients and a negative online review.

Honestly, writing emails can be risky business.

Luckily (for you), I’ve been doing this freelance thing for 15 years, and have sent approximately 345345833987 emails in that time.

I can’t imagine a possible scenario that I haven’t seen.

Now, I’m serving you the very same emails I’ve successfully used time and time again in my business.

Introducing my

Email Recipe Bases Handbook

My go-to recipe book for all email communications with my clients. From first meeting to final payment, to firing bad apples, it’s all here served up for you!

With over 30 (and counting) pre-written email templates included, I’ve done the awkward work for you. Simply copy and paste, add your own spices, and communicate what you need to with the lowest risk possible.

Whether it’s pitching to prospective clients, asking to be paid, or firing difficult clients, the email recipe base basically makes the pie for you. All you have to do is add your spices and serve it up.