Everyday Lingerie Co.

Brand Development and Experience

From the packaging to the products, the socials to the swing tags, it was important to create a truly well-rounded experience of the Everyday Lingerie Co. brand.

When a client comes to you with plan, a dream, and a cheeky sense of humour, you can't help but say ""hell yes!"". Everyday Lingerie Co. is an incredible brand who make underwear designed by real women for real women, with every style and size being tried and tested on a variety of bodies from sizes 8 to 22 to ensure they covered #everybodyeveryday.

The team came to me at the very start of the branding journey, with just a logo, colours and fonts, and gave me the great pleasure of branding the entire brand. Every touchpoint, every moment, every interaction that the customer would have with the brand I had the opportunity to celebrate the brand for everything it is; cheeky, comfy and empowered.

From packaging, swing tags, promotions and digital assets, even the little design in the back of the underwear, all designed with the care and passion of the brand. I was proud to help create this experience of the unboxing, the messaging in the interviews, the communication to resellers. All of this put together formed a brand that I am incredibly proud of.

"Working with Jaz is an absolute pleasure so grateful for her knowledge and assistance that has helped me successfully bring my brand vision to life."

Danielle Sady | Owner of Everyday Lingerie Co.

Theres something special about finding your dream client on a regular Wednesday afternoon in February when they pop into your inbox. I actually remember the moment Danielle say "you're hired!", I did a happy dance on the spot, filmed the whole thing and sent it to her. Now, years later, I still get to play a part in the success of Everyday Lingerie Co. helping them grow and move with the changing world and developing society. I feel lucky to count myself as the ELC designer.

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