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If you’re a regular reader of my musings, you will remember last year I was contacted by a journalist, Rob, from VI Magazine. He wrote an article on my business and me (you can read it here). Well fast forward to earlier this year (which feels like the longest trek ever), I reconnected and reached out to Rob to tell him about my wonderful client Everyday Lingerie Co and the most recent packaging project we created during the COVID craziness. I told him all about the reasons behind it, the amazing photography by Malvina from Bohemia Bay Studio and how incredible the ELC brand is. The result is this article!

You can read the whole article below, or click the button to access the magazine in its entirety. Thanks to Rob for the awesome article, Malvina for her incredible images, and Danielle, for being the dream client.

If the challenges created by COVID-19 have shown anything, it’s that by thinking quickly and being brave enough to act, one can make the best of difficult situations. Such was the case for Everyday Lingerie Co (ELC) a business that found their next shipment of stock became extremely delayed because of COVID -19. Did they panic? No. Instead, ELC created a range of alternative products and called in Jasmine Designs to develop their marketing, digital elements and labels and packaging. The only catch was that it had to be done within a very short space of time.

“Everyday Lingerie Co is a body-positive underwear brand in Melbourne,” says Jasmine Holmes, Jasmine Designs. “Like many businesses, the global COVID-19 pandemic had a massive impact on the business as their stock became delayed. ELC decided to make the most of the time and created a new line of complementary products, a range of Body Mist Fragrances.”

This process would normally take months, however through planning, a clear vision and skill, it was turned around in just a few weeks.

“The whole process, from choosing the fragrances, writing the stories and designing the packaging, through to final shoot, has taken just over a month from when Danielle, the founder of Everyday Lingerie Co (ELC), came to me to say she was creating these products,” says Jasmine.

Jasmine’s role was to help in almost every step of the way. This included brainstorming sessions and naming the products, working together in developing the stories and copy, and designing the visuals. It also included the colour matching and press checks.

“I was given the creative freedom to art direct and run the shoot, ensuring that ELC had enough imagery to truly capture the product stories and promote on their social channels for the next 6 months.”

One would think that a project of this size would – whilst needing to be delivered in such a short amount of time – come with its own challenges. However, because it was all local people and products, the project was a lot easier to deliver.

“The global pandemic has definitely played a part in the process, but if anything it fuelled it to make it stronger,” says Jasmine. “This is by guiding us to suppliers and solutions that are local. The printing was done here in Melbourne and the fragrances are made in Melbourne using all Australian made ingredients. It’s great to be able to work on this project with my client that is authentically homegrown. If anything, COVID-19 only helped to create these fragrances about one to two years earlier than Danielle thought we would see them in her product mix.”

Danielle Sady, the founder of Everyday Lingerie Co, worked very closely with Jasmine Designs on this project.

“When discussing the brand stories she gave me some keywords and ideas she wanted to convey and use and then let me run wild,” says Jasmine. “The core of the work I have done for her has been about creating cohesively branded, authentic experiences that celebrate women. This has been no different. The Body Mist Fragrance range is strong on its own, but also fits flawlessly with the existing brand and packaging.”

“The inspiration behind the stories has been one of real women. Rather than talking about the notes of fragrance or the smells, we wanted to capture the feeling of each scent in a storytelling moment. Each scent has a different demographic. Some are younger scents, others more mature. It was an immersive experience. I had each scent near me while I wrote the stories, creating a scene for each woman to be painted into. We also chose names that were integrated with the elements, Earth, Wind, Fire and Water. The name Oceana means from the sea and is from Greek Mythology. Leilani means Heavenly Flower and had beautiful earthy, floral tones. Aria is Air in Italian and matched the airy, sweet scent. Gazania, also known as a Treasure Flower, was chosen for its vibrant, firey coloured florals and its deep Greek history.”

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The packaging design and materials mix simplicity and elegance whilst harnessing enriching print effects on quality stock.

“We opted for a clear label to really show off the brushed metal base of the bottle,” says Jasmine. “The printing is CMYK based with three hits of white to really get that base and colour popping. We also opted for a strong adhesive to ensure that it wouldn’t peel off or become damaged if it was met with water, as well as making it the perfect thing to throw in a handbag or workout bag.”

Labelhouse printed the packaging.

“They are such an amazing team there,” says Jasmine. “We worked together to find the perfect colours that the client was after and that worked with the existing branding. I actually have had them on my radar for well over a year and been searching for the perfect project to utilise their expertise in the labelling and packaging space and I am so thrilled the day finally came. It just proves that even if you don’t need a certain service today, you may need them in the future. Nurture your business relationships.”

The results speak for themselves. All the elements have been integrated seamlessly to create a campaign that maintains its essence across the digital and physical space. The project serves to highlight what can be achieved with a clear vision, knowledge, experience and the right design and print team.

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