You know that feeling a few hours after lunch, the concentration slows and you’re needing something to keep you going…

You’re peckish, not hungry. You need a snack, but not just any snack. You need the right one to fill the craving.

If you’ve landed at my table, and particularly in this chair, this is probably what you are craving for your business, a lil somethin’ to solve the hunger and get you where you need to go.

You’ve avoided larger coaching options, big courses or commitments because right now, you’re pretty sure you know it’s not what you need. What you need is a single serving of help, guidance and to fill the gap between where you are now and where you know you want to end up.

Well, whadya know, I’ve got the perfect dish.

Introducing my 90 Minute Noodle Session, the perfect serving size to cure that problem you’ve been munching on for way too long.

For 90 minutes it’s all about you, me and solving the problem served up in front of us.

You and I both know that time is money (not hourly rates, but it’s has value). If you can change your pricing, or solve your problem, in a solid 90 minute session, AND it would mean that you could make more money pretty much immediately after, wouldn’t you grab a plate?

We will work together and discover exactly how to solve that particular problem or hunger, just for you and your recipe, and in just 90 mins. You’ll finish our session full and ready to take action.

You bring the menu, I’ll serve the knowledge

  • How to set up a new service, product or offering in your creative business

  • Discuss and plan strategies on pitching to new clients

  • Planning out your price increase, how to tell clients and gain confidence in your new rate

  • Organise your current offers and find any gaps in the market

  • Diversifying your income without breaking the bank

  • Setting up your socials so clients come knocking down your door

  • Developing your Ideal Client so you can serve them on a silver platter

Or whatever creative problem you need solving!

Here’s what some past students have said about working with me:

I’m the type to panic every time I get an inquiry for a design project, but through working with Jasmine, I’ve learned how to be more strategic about the way I price my expertise. Jasmine is such fun and encouraging coach. She will help you walk through any confusion and overwhelm you might have about pricing.

If you’re an artist or a graphic designer who constantly gets overwhelmed about how to price your work, I definitely recommend that you work with Jaz!

Gielizza Calzado | @gratefully.creating

Jasmine is a gold mine! I’ve been in the graphic design world for over 10 years and I’ve been underpricing myself for the most part of it.

We had an international client approach us and we needed help with how to quote this complex project. With Jasmine’s help, we were able to confidently charge over $20k Euro ($24k AUD) for an opportunity we probably would have probably undercharged for without her! Thanks Jaz, you’re awesome!

Jimbo Bernaus | @jimbobernaus

I came across a little pickle in my business, and just like Superwoman, Jaz came to my rescue! She has a wonderful knack for listening and is very insightful, particularly involving business challenges, no matter how big or little your woes.

I was very fortunate to have her as a guide to help with topics such as raising my rates and improving client relations and day-to-day operations.

Thank you Jaz for equipping me with some great tips and tricks to help my business grow.

Lyn Tran |

When I set out on my own, I found myself in a world I had no idea how to navigate. I had the skills, but no idea how to market them, how to manage a business, even how to value my own work.

Jaz talked me through pricing my work, managing files, and how to turn my art skills into polished and successful products for my clients.

Jaz is endlessly passionate about helping people succeed and I’m infinitely grateful to have her as one of the forces behind my career.

Moya Carroll | @calligraphybymoya

I’m here to help you discover exactly how to make your version of creative success happen in YOUR business.

Your mentoring session runs for 90 mins and is only about YOU and YOUR business. It’ll be recorded and available for you to rewatch as often as you like. Best to wear stretchy pants and come prepared, this is going to be a value packed session.

It’s expensive to invest in yourself, but it’s more expensive to stay where you are.

Make this the thing you do in 2022 to take you and your business to the next level.

Book your 90 Minute Noodle Session now, and get ready for your business’s main course.